About our Repair Service

The Co-operative aims to provide a high quality reactive repairs service for our tenants. Tenants may report repairs in person, by telephone, e-mail and in writing. Tenants can also contact the out of hours numbers in emergency situations.

We recognise that every repair is important but in order to offer a cost effective service we need to prioritise your repairs requests. The Co-operative aims to carry out repairs within the time scales noted below:


Emergency Make safe or completed within 24 hours
Urgent Completed within 3 working days
Routine Completed within 10 working days

By prioritising repairs in this way the Co-operative aims to ensure that we make the best use of the rent that you pay for your home and that the most pressing repairs matters are tackled first.

Reactive Repairs

Emergency Repairs

These are repairs which, if not carried out, could threaten the health or safety of the tenant or could cause serious damage to the building, e.g. gas leaks and flooding.

The 24 hour time period is to make the situation safe, this may mean that the repair is completed; however, it could also mean that follow-up works are required to finish the repair. Any follow up work will be ordered as an urgent or routine repair in line with the urgency of the repair.

Out of Hours Call Outs

Emergency situations may occur outwith our office working hours. When an emergency arises tenants have access to a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year call out service. 

For emergency repairs outwith office hours, including weekends and public holidays, please contact the following telephone number:

  • Gas Central Heating & Hot Water Emergencies (City Building Gas Section): 0800 595 595
  • If you have recently had a new heating system installed and there is a problem with it then you should contact CCG Scotland on 0141 643 3744.
  • All other Emergencies (City Building): 0800 595 595

Please note: if you call out an emergency contractor for a non-emergency situation, or to attend to damage caused by you or members of your household, you will be re-charged the full cost of the repair.

Emergency heating repairs

Where City Building’s gas engineer is unable to repair your heating during an emergency call out, due to the need to source a part, the engineer will offer you a temporary heater.

Urgent Repairs

These are repairs which, if left unattended, would cause significant inconvenience to tenants and have a degree of urgency. Typical urgent repairs would be:

  • Loss of heating and hot water to house - attendance within 1 working day as a qualifying “Right to Repair”
  • Common door entry faults
  • TV aerial faults – within 3 working days
  • Repairs to close entry doors

Routine Repairs

Routine repairs do not pose any threat to the health or safety of the tenant or building. These repairs will be completed within 10 working days.  The Co-operative aims to complete all routine repairs within the set timescale. However, on some occasions this may not be possible, for example where parts have to be ordered to complete a repair fully. 

Please note public holidays will not be considered as a working day.

Pre-Inspection of Repairs

Our Asset Manager may need to call out to your home to inspect the repair to make sure that we order the right work from our contractors.  We can offer you an appointment for the pre-inspection, during office hours.

Post Inspection of Repairs

When our contractor completes the repair we may ask your permission for our Asset Manager to inspect the quality of the work. If you are not satisfied with the repair work carried out, and would like our staff to check it, then please phone our office on 0141 336 2138 to arrange a visit.