Looking After Your Property

Hints & Advice on Preventing Repairs & Future Maintenance Problems

General repairs issues

  • Do not dispose of cleaning or baby wipes down the WC pan. Try to keep the cistern area free of items which could fall in.
  • Do not dispose of solid food waste, cooking fat or other unsuitable materials  down any of  the sinks or wash hand basins drains to avoid blocked drains
  • If there is a total loss of water to your home, please check with your neighbours to find out if the problem is affecting a number of properties or if it is just you. Please call Scottish Water on 0845 601 8855
  • If there is a total loss of electricity supply to your home please check your meter if you use a pre-paid card to check if the emergency credit has run out.  If this is not the case then please check with your neighbours to find out if they have also lost their electricity supply and if this is the case then the problem may be with Scottish Power.  Please call Scottish Power on 0800 027 6464 
  • If one of your electrical appliances stops working then, try resetting the trip switch but remember to unplug all appliances before testing. This will ensure that the appliance or fitting failures are identified;
  • If you lose the picture on your television please check with neighbours to find out if the problem has affect them too and if it is you should call our office to report a fault with the communal aerial.

For further information on any repairs issues please contact our office during office opening hours or our emergency service outwith office opening hours.  Please note that our Emergency Contractor City Buildings Call staff are well trained and will let you know if your repair is an emergency or can wait until the Co-operative office re-opens.


The Scottish Government has produced a leaflet about condensation. You can read it here.  You can help prevent condensation damage by:

  • Reducing moisture build up in your kitchen by covering cooking pots with lids and switching off your kettle as soon as it starts to boil
  • Drying clothes outside in summer or in a well ventilated room with the windows open
  • Use an extractor fan in the kitchen and bathrooms (if installed), or open a window slightly while cooking or using a shower or bath
  • Keep your home warm, especially bedrooms as they tend to be generally colder
  • Allow air to circulate within cupboards by reducing clutter
  • Leave a space between furniture and the wall to allow air to circulate, and if possible, place wardrobes and furniture on inside walls rather than outside walls.
  • Clean down condensation from windows and surfaces with a dry cloth on a regular basis


Water Leaks

Water leaks, may be caused by damaged waste pipe fittings, damaged water supply pipe fittings, damaged water storage unit, defective mastic, sealant or tiles, defective or missing roofing materials etc.


  • Locate and turn off the nearest stopcock
  • Take the five minutes needed to find the location of the stop cock to turn the water off in your home.  If you have difficulty finding the stop cock please contact us a member of staff will be happy to show you where the stop cock is
  • Pierce a small hole in ceiling around affected area to allow water to escape if your ceiling is bulging
  • Contain water flow where possible by using a suitable bucket or basin or old towels etc.
  • Take out home content insurance to cover you or affected neighbours from any loss caused to personal property by the water  damage
  • For helpful information on additional precautions to take to avoid frozen or burst pipes during winter please look at our guide here


  • Continue to use or drain affected appliance such as sink, bath, washing machine etc.
  • Think it is not worthwhile to take 5 minutes to find the location of the stop cock in order to turn the water off in your home in the event of water leaks in your home. If you have difficulty finding the stop cock let us know and a member of staff will be happy to show you.