Rechargeable Repairs

Tenants are informed of their repair responsibilities when they sign their tenancy agreement and these responsibilities are also outlined in our repairs policy. Tenants will be recharged for the Co-operative repairing any damage caused willfully, accidentally or negligently by tenants or anyone living with a tenant or a visitor to the tenant's home. Examples of rechargeable repairs include:

  • Willful damage - e.g. replace smashed door, holes knocked in plasterboard walls, etc.
  • Accidental - e.g. losing house keys by accident
  • Neglect - e.g. clear blocked sink, drain or bath when tenant has blocked it, i.e. baby wipes flushed down toilet resulting in choked pipes
  • Misuse - e.g. replace WC pan
  • Abuse - e.g. replace smashed glass in windows

Where the damage is the result of vandalism, provided that the tenant has reported it to the police (and a crime reference number has been obtained) a rechargeable repair will not normally be raised.

For non-emergency repairs that are rechargeable, the tenant should pay the total cost upfront or sign an agreement form, pay a deposit and enter into an agreement to pay the balance by installments before a repair is carried out. In the case of emergency repairs that are rechargeable, due to the urgency involved, the Co-operative will complete the repair and the tenant will be recharged.

When a tenant gives notice to end their tenancy, arrangements will be made for the Housing Officer to carry out a pre-termination of tenancy inspection. This inspection will identify any aspects of disrepair which are the tenants responsibility. The tenant will then have the choice of arranging the repairs using their own contractor before the tenancy ends or agreeing that the Co-operative should charge them for the cost of the works.

For all rechargeable repairs, the liable tenant will be invoiced as soon as the Co-operative receives details of costs. 

Please note if you do not keep up repayments to clear rechargeable repairs then your tenancy debt may prevent you securing a transfer.