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Estate Management

A key objective for the Co-operative is to ensure that Hawthorn is a clean, safe, well maintained and attractive area that our current members choose to live in.  We also aim to ensure that the properties we own remain in high demand and attractive to people wishing to become members and move into the area when any properties become available for re-let.

The Co-operative has an important role as the landlord to ensure that the common areas within the estate are managed effectively and efficiently within the resources available from our members’ rents.  

The Co-operative is committed to working in partnership with other agencies which affect the management of our estate, its popularity, and sense of community safety for example Glasgow City Council Cleansing and Lighting Services, Police, and other important services that tenants pay for from their Council Tax Charges.

The Co-operative is committed to working with our members to ensure  tenants’ rights, as detailed in the Tenancy Agreement, are delivered by our staff and that members abide by their responsibility of keeping to the conditions of their tenancy and act as good neighbours.

Co-operative staff are based in our estate office and are able to respond quickly to any estate management problems or issues that our members raise.  If you see something in the estate either during or out with office hours that you are concerned about then please speak to us.

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Estate Caretaking Service

Stair Cleaning Service

The caretakers clean the common closes and stairs in the flatted properties every 2 weeks and in the winter carry out intensive deep cleans of the closes.  We know that some tenants are extremely particular about keeping their closes clean and attractive for their families and visitors and may choose to clean the close and communal areas more frequently themselves. The Co-operative is happy for tenants to enhance the levels of cleanliness achieved by the caretakers. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the Co-operative on the stair cleaning service then please complete a customer feedback form or contact the office. Our staff also monitor the cleanliness of closes when out and about visiting customers in their homes.

Refuse Collection

The caretaker's clean out bin stores after Cleansing remove the refuse and bulk items.  Tenants should put bulk items for uplift in the allocated central points so they can be uplifted by Caledonian Maintenance on a Wednesday morning. 

Grass Cutting & Grounds Maintenance

During grass cutting season the caretakers maintain communal areas by cutting grass and removing weeds.  Our Caretakers cut grass in front gardens and the back gardens for tenants who are unable to cut their own grass due to their personal circumstances.  Please note that the caretakers cannot cut grass in any backcourts or gardens if the area is not cleared of dog mess.  Please clean up after your pets!

Minor Repairs and Void Management

The caretakers carry out certain minor repairs in tenanted properties and clean out and sometimes decorate empty houses.

Dog Fouling

The caretakers are instructed from time to time to go around the estate removing dog mess if careless owners have not picked up after their pet. It is essential to keep the area attractive so all owner's should pick up after their pets.  Picking up after your dog in a public place is the responsible approach and the price dog owners have to pay for having a loyal and loving pet.

If you think it should be the Caretaker’s job to pick up after your pet then BEWARE!!!!

Community Safety Glasgow employ Community Enforcement Officers (CEOs) who carry out high visibility uniformed patrols across the City. One of their primary functions is to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of £50 in relation to citizens dropping litter or letting their dog foul in public places. 

A copy of the Co-operatives policy on keeping domestic pets is available in our policy page.

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