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Social Activities

We are committed to Co-operative principles to ensure the whole scale improvement of our little pocket of Possilpark - not just our homes. Over the past 30 years we have developed and delivered many wider social activities such as: play areas, environmental improvements, children's groups, fun days and community events to celebrate diversity and bring the community together. Many of these initiatives have been developed with key partners such as Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government. 

Social Activities: Text
Social Activities: Text

Do you want to help your community?

Residents from the area have set up Hawthorn Community Action Group to improve the activities and facilities available to the community. It works closely with the co-op and has obtained funding to develop the GlasGrow site and to provide excellent play and fitness facilities at Bardowie Street Park.

Please contact Gillian Halliday on 07856 282 027 if you would like more information on this.

The Co-operative is keen to ensure that the community spirit and the self-help ethos within the area flourishes and we have worked with a number of key partners on a range of projects to bring neighbours of different age groups and backgrounds together. 

The regeneration of our community will remain a priority for the foreseeable future and we will continue to work with key partners.

See how you can get involved below.


If you haven't seen them already, check out our gardens down at GlasGrow. You'll find lots of exciting projects there from the Robert Stewart Memorial Garden, where you are welcome to leave a plaque for your loved one, to the wildlife pond created with the help of Froglife. The site has been created primarily by Hawthorn Community Action Group with the help of many groups around the area, such as YPF & Springburn Men's Shed. If you'd like to get involved with GlasGrow, you're more than welcome to come along at the following times:

Wednesday from 1pm

The adult group meets and is being helped by members of Springburn Men’s Shed to finish off the memorial garden, to create a new area for planting and footpaths. This is a great opportunity for people to develop their practical skills and to meet up with others to do something worthwhile, keep active and meet with others.

Saturday 11am - 1pm &

Thursday 3.30pm -  5pm

The kids group meets. They learn about gardening and wildlife as well as having fun with their friends.  Parents can come along as well and we will be able to get your views on what we are planning for the area.

Social Activities: Pro Gallery

The Link Up Project

Meet Gillian Halliday - the ‘Community Link Up Programme Co-ordinator’. Gillian was based at Possilpoint and helped set up and run various community groups.

Her post is funded by Inspiring Scotland and she is now working with Hawthorn Housing Co-operative. Gillian supports groups at Glasgow Perthshire and will be looking to encourage residents from this area to get involved in these groups.


The Link Up Project supports local people using a variety of group and community activities.  The aim of the project is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the community can come together to meet new people, have fun, develop new skills, build confidence, increase social connections and reduce isolation.  It enables local people to form positive relationships, and organise themselves to deliver activities for their own benefit and that of the wider community.  All sessions are user led with community members choosing their own direction with support from the programme co-ordinator.


The overall aim is of Gillian’s role is to work with people to make the place a better, happier place to live. Gillian says,” It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to bring the project to Hawthorn Housing Co-operative and I’m really looking forward to getting to know and working alongside Hawthorn Tenants. I will be out and about in the community over the coming weeks. Please look out for me and say hello.”

Take a look at some of the flyers below or contact Gillian on 07856 282 027 to find out more.

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