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Management Committee

The Co-operative's members elect the Management Committee. This is done at our Annual General Meeting, with one third of the committee standing for re-election each year.

The Management Committee sets the overall strategy, objectives and policy for the Co-operative.

The Management Committee does not get involved in the day-to-day running of the Co-operative - this is left to our staff team. Each year the Management Committee update their skills by attending training and may buy in specialist expert advice, for example from the Co-operative's solicitor on complex legal issues.

The overall business of the Co-operative is considered at regular Management Committee meetings and sub-committee meetings. The Co-operative has three sub-committees:

  • Audit

  • Operations

  • Health & Safety and Human Resources

Management Committee: Text

Office Bearers


Cathie Ritchie


Elected 19/09/2023

Committee Member since 17/09/2002


Helen Graham

Vice Chair

Elected 19/09/2023

Committee Member since 19/09/2001

Mattie McGeouch


Elected 19/09/2023

Committee Member since 15/09/2009


Eileen Wallace


Re-elected 19/09/2023

Committee Member since 12/09/2017

Management Committee: Team Members

Committee Members

Rae Bowman - Committee Member since 30/08/2021

Rose Logan - Committee Member since 24/04/2023

Billy Fleeting - Committee Member since 22/05/2023

Carol Cameron - Committee Member since 28/08/2023

Marie McCreadie - Committee Member since 29/01/2024


Joining the Committee

All the work done by the Co-op to improve this community and make it a better place to work requires a strong committee of local people. The documents below provide an overview of the role of a committee member.

Please get in touch with Colin at the office if you are interested in becoming a committee member.

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