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Welfare & Support Services

Hawthorn Housing Co-operative provides support to our tenants through a number of partnership agencies. To find out more information on any of these services, please contact the office on 0141 336 2138.

Welfare Benefits Advice Service

Ruby is employed by Gemap Scotland Ltd which is a Money Advice Project based in Easterhouse. Ruby is based at Hawthorn Housing on a Monday and a Tuesday where she provides a welfare benefits advice service to our tenants.


This includes

  • Benefit checks

  • Income Maximisation

  • Assistance to apply for all benefits including Universal Credit, Carers Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Pension Credit, Scottish Welfare Fund, Housing benefit, Council Tax reduction and many more


Gemap also provide

  • Help with any benefit problems 

  • Debt advice and

  • Representation at Appeal Tribunals, assisting with the appeal process and attending the appeal with the tenant. 


Appointments can be made by contacting Hawthorn Housing. 

Financial Inclusion

Maureen is also employed by Gemap Scotland Ltd. Maureen is based at Hawthorn Housing on a Thursday where she provides a financial inclusion service to our tenants to help you manage your money. 

Maureen can help with a range of issues such as:

  • Debt

  • Fuel Poverty

  • Budgeting Advice

  • Rent Arrears


Contact the office if you wish to be referred to Maureen.

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