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History of Hawthorn

Local residents campaigned from 1984 to 1987 to take over the ownership and management of the 384 houses from Glasgow City Council. Hawthorn Housing Co-operative was established as a registered social landlord in 1987.  For more about the intensive campaign to set up the Co-operative please see the attached Evening Times article .

The Co-operative now collectively owns the houses and rents them to individual members; all tenants are members of the Co-operative. Tenants join the Co-operative by buying a £1 share, which is their financial stake in the Co-operative.

The Co-operative provides services to 364 tenant members. Our housing stock consists of 191 refurbished ex-local authority tenements, 125 properties built by the Co-operative between 1997 and 2004 and 48 properties built in May 2019. Our housing stock is located in the Possilpark area in the north of Glasgow.  Our main reason for existing is to maintain and strengthen the community in this small pocket of Possilpark.

The Co-operative delivers services to residents from our estate based office and employs seven full time office based staff and three caretaking staff to deliver services to members and prospective members. The Co-operative is self-financing through revenues collected from rents.  Any surplus generated from the rents is re-invested for the benefit of the community.

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Photographs of the area were taken by Mike Abrahams in 1986.

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